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Finished that latest contract and looking for the next one? Have skills that employers will be looking for on their next project? Good at what you do underwater? Get the word out NOW!!!

UnderwaterJOBS.com is the Underwater Industry's place to match your professional skills to those in demand by an employer. We are becoming the premier online job resource for those that make their living under a waterline - ANYWHERE. We can assist you in finding the job of you've waited for -conveniently from your easy chair - be it offshore or onshore.
Simply create a job account, enter your resume,
search jobs, and review companies.

Premier Features

Post you’re Resume FREE! 100's of
recruiters and employers search our
database daily!

Job Mail Alerts! Our Job Mail
will e-mail you daily to let you know of hot jobs that match YOUR requirements!

Get Maximum Exposure! You can use our tools to distribute your
resume to other Employers and

Join the PREMIER area site devoted to finding the best employees and employers available!


Get the word out quickly and inexpensively to qualified Personnel.
Looking to find qualified personnel for that special project NOW!?

S candidates are available online 24/7 to respond to your needs. Updating of resumes and job qualifications is continuous and ongoing. Old resumes purged every 3 months...
UnderwaterJOBS candidates are available to fill industry jobs in your salary range with the skill set you need.  This is where they look for UnderwaterJOBS!

Premier Features

FREE TRIAL! Try the service for FREE, how else will you know if it will work for you!

Resume Alerts! New Candidate Alerts
emailed direct to you fitting your job needs.

Corporate Career Website!
Customize your career website with your logo and profile.

Resource Center! A comprehensive list of products and services for Recruiters & Employers.

UnderwaterJOBS is THE solution for staffing your business fast and efficiently using our database of viable candidates. Finding qualified employees has never been this easy!

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